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The Robotime Scale Model Grand Prix Car replicates the retro-pioneer sports car. Vivid details with realistic structures, it needs patience and dexterity for such a delicate scale model. An art and craft project and great gift for birthdays.

Scale Model Vehicle is inspired by the evolution of road vehicles back to the 19 century. Characteristic vehicles of the era are replicated into the mini scale models with detailed structures. It’s a challenge for both eyes and hands, and also a perfect display for stylish collections! The Grand Prix Car replicates the characteristic of a racing car. Shape makes it a special collection of car model lovers. Vivid scale model with fluent building experience.

Robotime Grand Prix Car Scale Model is a fabulous design for hand on crafts. You can choose to build it on your own or enjoy it with your friends. It is a great challenge to your mind and hands.


Robotime Grand Prix Car
Scale Model Grand Prix Car
Self Assemble
Estimated time: 4-5h
Delicate interior
No glue required
Weight 0.27 kg
Assembled Size 189*80*60 mm
Recommended age 14+
220 wood pieces

In stock