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Miss Etoile Closed Eyes Cake Stand with a gold foot. With the pretty cake plate from Miss Étoile, your next cake will make a great appearance. Your guests will be crazy. Whether from your cake, from the plate, or both, this will turn out after the first bite.

This 18K gold-plated cake stand is perfect to showcase your favorite cakes and desserts at any wedding, birthday party, baby shower, anniversary, afternoon tea, and any other event or special occasion.

These cake stands also make a great housewarming gift.This cake stand’s 18K gold finish and beautiful design make every day a special occasion. The smooth and bright surface reflect natural sunlight, candlelight, or overhead lighting, creating a sparkling display setting for your cakes.

The design features a sturdy hand-crafted steel frame. The base of the stand is weighted, so you don’t have to worry about it toppling over.

The package comes with 2 simple parts- the tray top and the base stand, which minimizes the space you will need for storing, handling, and transporting.

When assembling, simply screw on the tray top to the base and it is ready to display. For cleaning, use a wet cloth to wipe the surface when needed.Not dishwasher, oven, or microwave safe.

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