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Yes, it actually does float there!

It is always nice to come across something that is not only a great gift but the Levitating Globe with Bluetooth Speaker is pretty mesmerizing. The globe doesn’t just seem to float in mid air, it actually does! The amazing built in electromagnetic technology grabs the globe and holds it in mid air. The globe spins and looks like the earth as it floats in space. This is a lovely piece that will will be an enhanced feature in any home, office or bedroom. The built in speaker is a bonus on top of this super cool gift. Imagine playing Holst – The Planets Suite, on the speaker as the globe floats and spins, obviously it’s going to be pretty cool! A perfect desktop gift for people who are now working from home.


Electromagnetic Floating Globe
Accurate world mapping
Built-in Bluetooth Speaker
Globe Measures 6″ in Diameter
Perfect gift for home and work

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