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Ayurvedic Bath & Body Oil


Bath & Body Oil

The ancient art of Ayurveda teaches us that slowing down & self care are an essential part of leading a balanced life and help bring Shanti ( peace ) and an inner harmony.
Our bath & body oil is blended with Ayurvedic Plant oils and our complex blend of essential oils designed to promote relaxation and a deep sense of calm.


Run a bath simply place 3/4 pumps of oil onto still water, the enchanting blend of aromatherapy and & Ayurvedic plant oils will promote deep relaxation and induce sleep. Slowly massage the oil into your skin to deeply moisture and relax , you will awake with beautifully soft skin and a renewed energy.


Wonderful aid to sleep & relaxation, completely natural non toxic ingredients. Suitable for everyone especially if you are stressed or feel anxious … or simply want your best sleep & a deep sense of calm.

100ml luxury glass bottle.

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